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Hello and welcome to Sekolah Rendah Delima Satu Interactive Mathematics on the topic Four Operations.

We have eight links. The Home link will brings you back to this page, the main or home page. The Primary Resources link will direct you to the primary resources website. You need an internet connection for this. Educational games link contains a few game links that is related with the topic Four Operations. It is a fun educational games for the pupils. So please check it out!

The Objectives will opens the Objectives page which states the objectives of the topic. The Numbers and Place values link will open a PowerPoint presentation file which will explain the topic in details. After this, you can give the pupils exercises to do by clicking the Exercises link. The exercises contains 3 levels, Easy, Medium and Hard to suit all primary levels.

The Links will bring you to online interactive activity which is related to this topic. The Printable Exercises is provided if you wish to print the exercises.